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My Simple Exercise Routines

With every New Years comes the desire for most everyone to get more personally fit and healthy. I wanted to share the routines that I've been doing for several years now with great results. In the past, I've struggled with back, knee, and shoulder injuries which gave me the opportunity through physical therapy to learn how to keep these area stretched and strong. For me, these routines have been a part of my secret to staying injury free for a few years now.

Even though I was relatively young when my injuries started, I'm actually glad they did. I think it has kept me healthier than I would have otherwise been if I were injury free. I now have friends that are starting to get injuries for the first time and they are now in the process of learning the same things I've had to learn. I hope these routines can help others with ideas on their own journey to better health. Please be sure to ask a medical professional before starting any new exercises and be sure to learn the correct form because bad form can do more harm than good.

There are a total of 9 routines that work different parts of the body. I like to mix and match these on different days to try to do all of them twice a week. I keep to 10 exercises per routine to keep it easier to do and remember. I will be posting a new routine each week for the next 9 weeks so each routine gets its own page. Use this blog as a table of contents to navigate to each routine.

  1. 10 Stomach Towards Floor Yoga/Pilates Exercises
  2. 10 Back On Floor Yoga/Pilates Exercises
  3. 10 Standing/Kneeling Yoga Stretches
  4. 10 Standing Mild Weight Exercises
  5. 10 Arms and Core Bench Exercises
  6. 10 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises
  7. 10 Hip Strengthening Exercises
  8. 10 Key Pre-Activity Stretches
  9. 10 Arms and Shoulder Stretches