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This blog is a way for me to develop my own purpose in life which is helping people save money, reduce their expenses, and find time to pursue their personal interests and ways they can make a difference in this world.

If you find the content helpful in your own personal journey, please consider supporting the development of this venture in the following ways:

Website Content Support

This is a one-time support fee and not a subscription. Consider it similar to buying an e-book. I realize you have access to all the content already for free, but if you have the means and ability, please consider supporting. This is not a donation and is not eligible for tax deductions.

Zazzle Products

Shop products on Zazzle that show your support for this site and the concepts that are explored. I will earn a 25% commission from any sales.

Human Less Than Nature T-Shirt (various sizes, styles, and prices available)


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