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10 Key Pre-Activity Stretches

Stretching truly is one of the best ways to prevent injury, especially when getting ready to do a physical activity. There are a few schools of thought on the best pre-activity routines to warm up your body. What I find works for me are a few critical stretches that loosen the major muscles. I also make sure that I ease into the activity doing some warm-ups to activate the muscles and get my heart rate up. The combo of the two has helped me stay injury free in my later years.

Here are the 10 key stretches I do before an activity. I also do these stretches as part of my normal morning routine every Monday and Thursday.

  1. Standing hamstring stretch
  2. Standing hip flexor stretch
  3. Standing quad stretch
  4. Abdomen/oblique side stretch
  5. Forward bend lower back stretch
  6. Chair pose glute stretch
  7. Standing calf stretch
  8. Triceps stretch
  9. Deltoid/shoulder stretch
  10. Self hug to wide arm stretch