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10 Arms and Core Bench Exercises

I add these 10 bench exercises for arms and core to my Tuesday and Friday routine. I like to use dumbbells for these. Start with very light weight just to get your muscles used to the motion. Then over time add a bit more weight. Be sure to learn proper technique and never have more weight than you can handle to avoid injury. Before doing any new exercise routine, consult with your physician and fitness trainer.

  1. Bench press - traditional 
  2. Single arm punches
  3. Straight arm fly
  4. Bent arm fly
  5. Angel wings
  6. Military press laying down
  7. Dumbbell front raise
  8. Dumbbell pullover
  9. Dumbbell side outs
  10. Dumbbell goal posts
  11. Sit ups
  12. Bicycle crunch
  13. Penguin taps
  14. Pelvic lift 
  15. V ups
  16. Roll ups or knee to elbow crunch
  17. Almost dead bug or oblique crunch 
  18. Knee hugs or scissor crunch
  19. Pelvic swing
  20. Body ups