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10 Hip Strengthening Exercises

I do these 10 hip strengthening exercises every Tuesday and Friday morning. I do 10-15 reps or hold each stretch for a count of 30. As with any exercise, it is important to learn proper technique and position to avoid injury. Before doing any new exercise routine, consult with your physician and fitness trainer. 
  1. Side leg raise
  2. Side leg front kick
  3. Side leg back kick
  4. Side leg sweeps
  5. Side leg circles forward
  6. Side leg circles backward
  7. Side lying bicycle
  8. Toe to knee taps - I can't find an image of this way but on your side bend your legs and put them together then lift top leg and touch knee to knee then foot to foot. Repeat for a count of 10.
  9. Hip dip
  10. Side plank - add moving top arm under and up 10 times