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10 Standing/Kneeling Yoga Stretches

I do these 10 exercises and stretches every Wednesday and Saturday morning. I hold each stretch for a count of 30 or three full deep breaths. Also, starting with #3, I like to pick one leg to keep forward then doing the rest of the stretches. You'll find one stretch flows very well to the next. Then switch the forward leg and do #4-10 again.

As with any yoga and pilates position, it is important to learn proper technique and position to avoid injury. Before doing any new exercise routine, consult with your physician and fitness trainer. Also many of these exercises have modifications to make the move easier on the body. Try this first to develop strength.
  1. Forward bend
  2. Lightning bolt
  3. Standing thigh stretch
  4. Warrior 2 pose
  5. Triangle pose
  6. Runners lunge
  7. Low lunge/crescent lunge
  8. Hamstring stretch (add a twist by reaching the same hand as the leg that's forward to the sky)
  9. Side lunge
  10. Glute stretch