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Beat Amazon's Price

I had yet another experience where I found lower pricing for a product I intended to buy on Amazon directly on the manufacturer's website. This one was for a cool new portable projector from BenQ (model GV31) for watching TV and movies on any wall, ceiling, or outside screen.

Amazon has it listed for $599. I wanted to confirm that the product had an audio out port so I went to BenQ's website to find the technical specs. Not only did I confirm it did, but BenQ was selling it for $499! 

Then it gets better because they had a sale being advertised for an additional 10% off using a discount code. This allowed me to add a $59 carrying case and get all of it for $489 which is $110 less than Amazon (really $169 less after adding the cost of the carrying case)! 

You may be thinking what about shipping costs and the ability to return? Shipping was free just like Amazon! And the company accepts returns for 30 days including opened packaging so long as you keep all the original packaging. Looks like they may charge return shipping which Amazon wouldn't but saving $169 more than makes to for it. 

So don't always assume Amazon has the best price. They need to mark up the products they sell just like any other retailer, and sometimes buying from the manufacturer directly can save real money.

Here are links to the product to do your own comparison shopping: