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My 2023 Diet and Exercise Routine

As you may pick up from my blog, one of the key parts to living a healthy life is developing healthy routines and habits. The New Year always gives me an opportunity to assess what routines worked and which ones didn't so I can tweak and adjust. Below is my new routine for diet and exercise that I will be working on in 2023. Skip right to the routine section or read the following background on the tweaks I made to each.

On the workout side, I learned that I am still able to do my morning routines without issues. I am proud of how they are designed and I was able to keep doing them even from a hotel room when travel picked up. However, I also learned I was not doing enough cardio. With commuting back to work after the pandemic, adding business and personal travel, and working long hours, my casual cardio routine was not working in terms of keeping me in shape and my weight stable. I tried to do both my morning workouts and some cardio but that became too much of a time commitment. So instead, I am going to do an every other day routine with a morning workout one day and cardio the next (with some quick light stretching beforehand).

On the diet side, as travel picked back up and I was out of town more often, I was not able to commit to my sourdough bread making. Sadly that hobby will need to be on hold. This means I'll need to change my lunch routine. I've developed some quick spinach salads and easy vegan street tacos that will become my new go-to. I also realized that I need to work on the ELF (Eat Less Food) diet. I was not getting enough smaller meals during the day which would mean I would eat too much at one time. This trained my stomach to be okay with more food even past being full which then led to overeating at holidays and celebrations. I am going to make a point to eat smaller amounts of food more often in the hopes of breaking my habit of overeating at certain times a week. Hydration is also key to reducing my appetite. I am going to make it a point to drink more liquids especially while and immediately after eating.


  • Monday
    • 10 Arm Exercises
    • 10 Core Exercises
    • 10 Standing Mild Weight Exercises
  • Tuesday
    • 10 Pre-Activity Stretches
    • 30 Minutes on Bike
  • Wednesday
    • 10 Back on Floor Yoga/Pilates Exercises
    • 10 Stomach Towards Floor Yoga/Pilates Exercises
    • 10 Hip Strengthening Exercises
  • Thursday
    • 10 Pre-Activity Stretches
    • 30 Minute Walking Incline on Treadmill
  • Friday
    • 10 Arm and Shoulder Stretches
    • 10 Shoulder Strengthening Exercises
    • 10 Standing/Kneeling Yoga Stretches
  • Saturday
    • 10 Pre-Activity Stretches
    • 30 Minute Treadmill Run and Walk
  • Sunday
    • 10 Floor Stretches with Band
    • Foam Roller on Lower Back/Glutes
    • Ball Roller on Shoulders/Upper Back
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday
    • Morning Oats (M Blueberry, W Chocolate, F Apple, Su Cheerios)
    • Earl Grey Tea
    • Lunch Salad
    • Sparkling Water
    • Quick Smart Snack
    • Water
    • Bean/Veggie/Carb Dinner
    • Water or Sparkling Water
    • Dessert Smoothie (M Chocolate, W Matcha, F Chocolate, Su Matcha)
    • Evening Tea with Honey (if still craving something)
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
    • Morning Fruit Smoothie (Tu Strawberry, Th Blueberry, Sa Strawberry)
    • Chai Coffee or Earl Grey Tea
    • Vegan Street Tacos or Lunch Toast
    • Sparkling Water
    • Quick Smart Snack
    • Water
    • Tofu/Seafood/Veggie/Carb Dinner
    • Water or Sparkling Water
    • Fruit as Dessert (Tu Applesauce, Th Citrus/Pineapple)
    • Evening Tea with Honey (if still craving something)