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Floor Stretches with Band

When I first hurt my lower back, I realized one of the main reasons was tight muscles especially the muscles that connect to my lower back. That includes hamstrings, glutes, and obliques. These muscles can all be stretched really well with a belt or band (or even a bath towel). These are the ten moves I like to do at least once a week to keep these muscles loose and ready for activity.

  • Hamstring stretch - see picture below.
  • Calf/Shin Pulse - from the hamstring stretch, alternating pointing your toe to stretch your shin then your heel up to stretch your calf.
  • Bent leg to straight leg stretch - from the hamstring stretch, bend at the knee and pull your leg towards your head to create a deeper stretch in the hamstring, then slowly straighten the leg back to the starting position.
  • Straight leg across stretch - see picture below.
  • Knee bent across twist - see picture below. Try pressing your leg up towards the ceiling while your hand presses your leg down.
  • Knee to chest deep twist - from the knee bent stretch, bring your knee to your chest while still staying twisted for an even deeper stretch.
  • Straight leg to the side stretch - see picture below.
  • Knee bent to the side stretch - from the straight leg to the side stretch, bend your knee to chest height and try to feel a stretch in the obliques on the opposite side of the body.
  • Knee to chest hug stretch - see picture below.
  • Figure four glute stretch with twist - do a figure four stretch like in the picture below but then put your bent knee to the floor to create a deep twist. Then got back to the figure four and put your foot on your bent leg to the floor on the other side.