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Thoughts on Apple Loyalists

I am watching the societal craze with Apple products take a very interesting turn. In a time where we are tackling issues of diversity, social justice, and discrimination, we are not recognizing that the same human tendencies are now playing out in our technological world. 

It's one thing if someone loves Apple products to the point that they have an undying devotion to them and will not even think to consider anything else. It's another thing when someone shames others for not having the same loyalty and devotion to Apple, and then threatens or acts on it by pressuring them into buying Apple products at the risk of being cut out of their social circle or expressing emotions of frustration/annoyance for having "to deal" with non-Apple users.

We need to be wary of our tendencies as humans to bully, intimidate, or judge in various forms including the products we buy and use. Just like human diversity should be embraced and celebrated, so should our diversity in products and services. So the next time you uncover a non-Apple user in your social circle, celebrate it, don't shame it.