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Driving Slower Saves Money

It seems the whole nation is clued into inflation now. The U.S. has had an extraordinary increase in prices in the first half of 2022, especially for staple items like food and gas. It is in environments like this that the tips and techniques on this website can really help families and individuals. Consuming less and saving more becomes even more critical.

One of the key ways to save gas is to drive slower on the highway. The Department of Energy has done some extensive testing on how gas mileage performance declines the faster someone drives. According to the chart below, fuel economy decreases by 27% at 80 mph versus 60. Even just changing from a top speed of 75 mph down to the standard 65 mph can be a 5 mpg swing.

Also key is to pay attention to your acceleration and deceleration. Accelerating faster takes much more gas mileage than accelerating with a lighter touch on the gas peddle. Also quick decelerating means you've wasted the gas it took to get to your current speed that is now too fast.

I chuckle every time I see a big truck accelerating like crazy or blowing down the highway at top speeds. That kind of driving behavior is costing them so much money. Don't be one of those people. Drive more slowly to save money. Plus you'll have the added benefits of safer driving, enjoying your surroundings, and causing less noise pollution.

If you want more research on this topic, is a great resource. Below is a chart that shows the decline in miles per gallon that faster you go. They also have a tool where you can enter your car's make/model/year and it will give neat customized charts. One of the ones I like is the cost per 100 miles at different highway speeds (bottom chart). For my car, I can save over $3 per 100 miles by driving the 65 mph speed limit instead of 75.