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Lunch Toast #1: Avocado, Sauerkraut, Pickled Jalapeno

I am a person of routine. Just like my morning workouts, I also try to stick to the same breakfast and lunch routine all week long. Why not eat something everyday that makes me feel great, is a super tasty, and provides amazing well-balanced nutrition? Just like Steve Jobs wore his same black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance shoes to make him focus on other things that required more of his focus, I too do the same for my meal routine.

For lunch, it's all about toppings on toast featuring my homemade sourdough bread. The base of the toppings is sauerkraut. It's critical for digestive health to have fermented food everyday. Sauerkraut is the perfect fermented food for me. It adds a veggie and a delicious tang and texture to savory dishes. 

The first lunch topping featuring sauerkraut is avocado. It adds so much more flavor to a plain avocado toast. The final topping to set the dish over the top is pickled jalapeno. The brightness, pickliness, and spiciness is the perfect compliment to the everything. I guarantee if you try this, you won't be going back to plain ole avocado toast again.