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Government Unclaimed Property

I recently received a notice in the mail from the State of Colorado letting me know that I had unclaimed property that the state had received. I knew states did this through my work where we had checks that were not cashed by former associates so we sent that money to the state to hold in the associate's name. But I didn't think of checking if I had any unclaimed property myself until I got that notice.

States keep online databases where anyone can search whether there is unclaimed property on file. Colorado's is If you live in a different state, then do an online search for "______ state unclaimed property" and try to find the official state's website.

The US Government's site is another resource. They handle certain things that the states don't like unclaimed IRS refunds, bank failure claims, and pension and department of labor claims. The US Government website is

Finally, there is a website to search multiple states at once in case you've lived in different states and want to check if there is any unclaimed property in your name. That website is

After I input my name into the Colorado website, it turns out I had an $800 refund from the state that had not been claimed. I'm not sure what might have caused that because I am usually on top of tax matters but nonetheless it was found money. There were also some small claims of under $1 from former bank accounts that I no longer used.

I completed the online form which then sent me another form via email to fill out to prove it is me. I had to upload that document along with proof documents like a scan of a utility bill, drivers license, and social security card. Then it says it will take up to 90 days to receive the money.

I checked the multi-state site and there was a small amount in Texas but I didn't recognize the company that sent in the money, so I'll ignore that one.

Be sure to check this out. It might be worth adding to your annual to-do list maybe in conjunction with doing your taxes each year. Also, be sure to only use official government websites. You have to provide personal confidential info and want to make sure that does not end up in the wrong hands.