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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It is very difficult growing up in America and not be singularly focused on making money and becoming wealthy. We idolize those that are wealthy and are conditioned to then want that for ourselves. The problem with this way of thinking is it steers us away from what will truly make us happy, which is the feeling of fulfillment.

We equate having money with fulfillment but this is not the case. It is possible to be fulfilled with or without much money. In fact, wealth usually comes through finding person fulfillment. The key is to not focus on how you'll make millions. Instead focus on what you'd do after assuming you make millions. There in likely lies the key to what you should be doing.

Happiness comes from being able to make money from things that you want to do and that bring you personal joy and fulfillment. If you try to make millions doing something you don't enjoy, you could be doubly screwed. You won't make millions and you won't be happy.

I'd you try to make millions doing something you love, you'll be happy because you are doing something you love. And you may get lucky and actually make millions doing it.

This reminds me of another key saying. "Most people don't want to make millions of dollars. Most people want to spend millions of dollars." Not sure where I first heard this but it's brilliant and true. We collectively as a society need to shift our thinking from status through wealth to status through fulfillment. If you're wealthy but not fulfilled you're still miserable. However, if you're "poor" but fulfilled, you are truly one of the blessed in this life.

Let's start focusing on how to be more fulfilled, not more wealthy. And that individually starts with thinking about what you'd do with your life if you already were wealthy. That's why I am personally doing this blog. Whether I'm wealthy or not, I always want to share with people ways to make their lives simpler, better, and more fulfilling with less money.