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My Personal Grading Scale

Grades were a huge part of my upbringing. I was a perfectionist and enjoyed the satisfaction I got and that my parents got when I got great grades. This was a blessing and a curse. I was often driven by the grades themselves instead of what the grades resembled, which was the process of trying and learning. My focus on getting good grades also meant I was less prone to taking risks academically which kept me from exploring new subjects that I now know I would have enjoyed and been really good at.

Now later in life, I've come to form my own grading scale that focuses on the process more so than the outcome. I wish teachers and parents would highlight this for kids so they understand it's less about the grade itself and more about the effort that you show. It would go a long way to making kids more curious about different subjects and not being afraid to fail.

Here is my grading scale:

F: Don't show up

D: Show up but don't try

C: Try but don't finish or finish unsatisfactorily

B: Finish with satisfactory effort and skill

A: Finish with exceptional effort and skill