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Costco Sweatshirt Epic Reviews

In one of my random newsfeeds, I saw a headline about how a Costco sweatshirt with the Kirkland Logo was not only getting great reviews but the comments were hilarious. I decided to check myself and sure enough, the article was right. The sweatshirt now has over 1,000 reviews with an average of 4.8 and of 5. But the best part is the reviews themselves. Here are several of the best. Warning, you may need an urban dictionary to translate some of these.

Miggety Miggety Mack - Ordered a large, cause you know. Ditch the Roley for that K-Sig Drip. Wore mine backwards to the club and ended up at the Wobbly H. Sick, drippy, dope, fresh fireswag.

Moosey from OR - Kirkland Signature got in the class and fully understood the assignment. Glad I have both the black and heather grey now. Family Christmas photos will be classy now.

Matthew from WI - This sweatshirt is amazing. The feel, the softness, the stretch, the weight of it. Pure quality. My wife can’t keep her hands off of me when I’m wearing this bad boy.

MVP1 from CA - Dang. So fresh and fly. The stretch and feel is amazing.

KillshotAlternative - This sweatshirt is a statement piece that conveys "I have a Costco membership" and "I'm fiscally responsible and know a great deal when I see one". It tells people you are the kind of person who buys the $1.50 hotdog/soda combo, the $5 rotisserie chicken, and shops by looking for .97, *, and .00 endings. When I run into people on the street wearing Supreme or Champion sweatshirts I take comfort in knowing I got a solid deal on a sweatshirt that'll be a streetwear icon for generations to come, while theirs will fade into irrelevance. As a Costco member, I buy in bulk and this shirt is no different. At the time of writing Costco was offering a buy 10, get $50 off, so I did the reasonable thing and bought 10 to maximize my drip/$ ratio. I'm careful with all 10 of my sweatshirts and rotate daily, but even if wear does occur, I'm confident in Costco's return policy if it does happen a few years from now.

Astro - Probably my most complimented and envied article of clothing. I mean I’m no fashion blogger, but I sure feel like one in this sweatshirt. Next year maybe a different level membership sweatshirt.

Ryan from OR - Soft, comfortable, and the flex is out of this world. I get more compliments on this sweatshirt than when I wear yeezys. Hottest drop of the year. Drops mic.

GrimT from MD - Well, let’s just say I’m beating guys off with a stick thanks to this sweatshirt. Women too. They just came keep their hands off me. Super comfortable and lightweight yet warm is just an added bonus on top of that sweet Kirkland embroidered logo. Kirkland gang members UNITE! It’s time to tear up them upcoming sales!

Fosterbean from MI - Amazing sweatshirt!! Super warm and comfortable. Sizes fit perfectly! When I wear this thing I feel like I’m ready to trek up Mount Everest and fist fight polar bears! With this sweater you don’t even need pants because it warms you to the core like Kirkland whiskey. Purchase with complete faith that this garment will change your life!!!

Andrew from NY - Great sweatshirt. People see the Kirkland logo and they immediately know that you are a person who values quality and the finer things in life.

Costco Enthusiast from Rochester, NY - When I got this sweatshirt, my seasonal depression disappeared. I immediately lost 10 lbs and suddenly had the ability to do long division in my head.

Cole from VT - Incredible style, flawless construction. The only issue is I don't know what to do with all the money these fashion photographers are now shoveling at me.

big daddy from NY - SUPER SWAG!!! walked into the gym with this baby all the women just flocked to me!

Schuyler from MI - SICK. SAVAGE. BARS. When wearing this sweatshirt you will have all the powers of god and anime bestowed upon thee. You could rob a bank wearing it, and the teller would try to schedule a second time for you to come back for more loot. I highly recommend this item for children, adults, and pets!

Steven from WA - Correct fit. Ready to become a Costco hypebeast.

Kate from Raleigh, NC - My 18 year old refers to this as “drip”. FYI, that’s a compliment.

Costco Crazy Cutie from AZ - Welcome to comfort town! I bought this gem so I could rep my favorite brand when I shop at my favorite warehouse, #644! I got a women’s medium for an oversized, cozy look and it is straight fire! All the moms at play group are totally jealous! Such a dope buy!

TheHypeIsReal from CA - This Sweatshirt is Fuego! For all you Costco Members who are ahead of this dope trend, I applaud you. This Sweatshirt is more valuable than any designer brand out there. Prove me wrong!

I Want the Gold from IL - The first time i wore this sweater I found a leprechaun in a tree with a pot of gold

Mitch Signature from OR - Got two for my ride or die and me. We be hitting up Costco now like we own the place cause this sweatshirt is the only membership card you’ll ever need (update: you still need a membership card, can confirm). FYI I’m 5’11” and 180 pounds and a men’s large fits perfect. My friend is 5’3” and a women’s small fits her to a tee. Once again Costco sticks the kirklanding. PS if you go for white we got one word of advice: tye-dye

David from CO - My wife finds me attractive again

kmommy from MN - This sweatshirt is amazeballs! Get your street cred for only $19.99! They will all be jelly! Super soft and awesome! I want to order more!

Mariyumyumyum from TX - These sweatshirts are AMAZING! I kept the grey as is but cut off the collar and added thumb holes to the cuffs...and I tie dyed the white! Love it so so much! We love Costco in our house and I love representing! Gucci who?!

Jess - Best Costco purchase I have ever made. Quality is amazing! Elite mom swag.

Kirkland Signature Mom from WA - Absolutely love the quality of the sweatshirt! This chick is rocking the ksig merch! Sorry teenage daughter, no share-sies!

Joseline from CA - Such an iconic sweater. Warning, it does run big. I am 5'4, 145 lbs and I had to return the M Small/ W Medium for a M X-Small/W Small. Other than that, sweater is beautiful and the embroidery is perfection. I was recently at Costco and an employee asked, "are you an employee or a superfan?" I was so proud to respond SUPER MEGA FAN OF COSTCO!

C Peterson from CT - Thrilled that I got one before these are scooped up by hypebeasts. I get compliments from both boomers and high schoolers. These KS crewnecks are clearly how America will find unity. Superb quality, heavyweight crew sweatshirt. The red features are all embroidered, which was unclear in the website photos. This is identical to the version sold in-warehouse. Fit is TTS.

Gavin Rex from WA - My swag levels just reached 9000 while wearing this sweater. Incredibly comfortable and soft as well.

Amir from TX - My dating life hasn’t been successful in the last several years. But this sweatshirt has given me as much confidence as Tucker Carlson spewing lies on Fox News. Since then, women have been flocking to me because of this sweatshirt! It just has that much drip. Knocking off one star because everybody thinks I work for Costco when I wear it at Costco.

SP0000 from NJ - Did I buy this sweatshirt because of the fabulous reviews here? Of course I did. What other product has these wonderful reviews? I love my Kirkland sweatshirt. I went with white for a cleaner look and got a larger size because I like my sweatshirts baggy. I think this sweatshirt says a lot about me- she knows how to buy in bulk and make it work and she knows a store with quality products. I have to say I think I am just killing this look.

Olive from OH - Blown away by how great this looks on my husband! I just wish he would stop getting looks from younger women when he wears it out to Olive Garden with me!!

Dave from VA - My dad and I got matching Kirkland Signature Unisex Logo sweatshirts and boy have we never been cooler. Several graffiti artists in my mid-size city had to stop mid-art to stare in awe at the freshness of our gear. The approving stares of attractive humans have given me the confidence of Icarus, if Icarus made the sun his bish. Thanks, Costco!

rpoolejr from WA - Goes great with my favorite pair of sneakers for the Costco haul. This is now a Sunday morning staple. I can't wait for this to come in kids sizes. We'll have the whole crew reppin'. You'll know right away why they call the F-150 a "Super Crew" when we hop out of the truck and grab the orange flatbed.

Pablo84 from CA - Peninsula or an island. Wetness all around me.

Alex from WA - Perfect for your Costco enthusiast. Come on, we all know someone... someone who LOVES costco and K-sig. Finally we have a sweatshirt to rep the brand. This beauty screams sex appeal! High quality threads and amazing craftsmanship. 10/10.

Evan from CA - This is the best $20 I ever spent. I even ended up buying my boyfriend one and he’s obsessed with it! My mom was laughing at me cus she’s like “They’re paying you to advertise for them!” Well guess what mom? I’m a loyal Costco client. And the fact that it’s really soft. I usually wear Men’s Small and I bought the women’s Extra Small and it fits a little loose. It just depends on how you like the fit of your clothes. I prefer clothing that fits perfectly. It’s a little loose but it’s very cute and warm. I get a lot of compliments on it (cus they know Costco is lit)

Kelsey from TX - Yes, you have permission to jump on the bandwagon. This is by far the most comfortable sweatshirt I own, which is ridiculous considering how affordable it is. I have lived in my first one for several days, and will be ordering approximately seven more. Caution: this sweatshirt will make all the employees and dads in your local Costco jealous.

Nina from TX - Dad swag is the best swag. I feel sorry for haters who say that they won’t give Costco free advertising by wearing these sweatshirts. Haters gonna hate. Let me know when Nike/Adidas/New Balance runs you your check.

theTVsaidso from TX - Not only do I get to rep the GOAT brand, but I also get to stay comfy and warm. Securing one of these bad boys will score you respect with your SO and friends. And worry no longer—you’ll be the king of the block. Rule your turf in style and have your choices questioned no longer. Everyone else will look sus relative to you. With this fleek top, you ARE the alpha; you ARE the trailblazer; you ARE the suburbs.

Suburban Mom from VA - This cemented my suburban mom status.

yessir from CA - Just got mine and it's going to be turnt while i'm going HAM around the block for my nightly stroll. My people are going to know how I roll with the gold star membership. There will be no denying my loyalty for the big "C"

Ian6 from DC - I wore the sweater while taking out my neighbors wife to dinner. She loved it.

KS Yes from WA - I was looking for something "special" for my wife. Victoria Secret, meh. K-Mart, in a pinch. But first choice gotta' be K-Sig. This will make these cold winter nights warm for both of us.

Samuel from CA - Okay so I was on the fence about these but looked up, "Kirkland logo sweater" on the Tube and found a great review that showed just how high quality this was. You can see the screen print Kirkland with the textured stitch of "signature." I was also able to see the inside of the sweater and could see just how comfortable it looked. Picked one up and now have had more matches on dating apps than ever before. Perfect for lounging around the house to wearing to a night out on the town (masks on of course). Definite winter buy of the year.

Christine from NY - I practically live and breathe Costco and this swag makes it official. All the reviews confirmed the softness of the material and the "kwality" of the embroidery. As soon as I put it on, I felt like Kirkland royalty. I'm feeling plush just for 20 bucks! That's just how Costco do!!

majorkey from CO - Prepare my neighbor Larry in the cul de sac to be jealous. I am now the king of the suburbs with this fine limited edition crewneck. What am I doing with my Saturday? Saying the same joke I say every Saturday. Might do some bowling later. Debating which fertilizer to use on the lawn. Bragging to my wife about stocking up on cereal that was on rebate. Is this life perfect? Yes, yes it is actually.

laundray from OH - This merch is fire. First of all, the quality of the fabric is excellent, as was to be expected from, I dare say, the most trustworthy house brand in the USA. I'm talkin' thick, soft, comfortable material with sturdy lettering that's clearly going to hold up after a few washes. Second, the details are on point. 95% cotton is mad respectful; many other brands put out completely synthetic sweatshirts, but Costco knows just how much heat we generate haulin' all of this caboose around the warehouse on a speed lap. And, excuse me, embroidery?? In this economy??? That's a King move. Checkmate. Third, I hope you like compliments because Trust and Believe you're gonna get 'em. This is Big Savings Energy, and nothing says "I have money" like "I saved money". This screams, "I know what economies of scale are" as loudly as a Yale sweatshirt, but without all that toxic silver spoon energy. And last but not least, as with all Kirkland drops, the price is RIGHT. Needless to say, I copped several for the crew. Goes great with the bucket hat released by another major retailer... and you're gonna need a rain-proof hat, what with all this drip.

Elroy Royboi - Truly Basso approved. I feel like such a massive pymp wearing this lush n’ plush billboard on my chest. Ain’t no foolin’ anyone when you throw this on... it’s The Deele. And just like what Stan Ridgeway says: everybody wants a real deal. Get it in XXL, cuz you ain’t biggin if you wearin littlin

KayEazy from OH - We bought the white version- gotta keep it crisp. This item is so legit momcore I looked outside as soon as I put it on to see if my Civic Cinderella'd into a minivan. K Sig can do a lot, but maybe not that. You know you need this. Don't even act like you don't.

OedipusPrime from NC - Look, I’m not going to say that wearing this sweater will change y y your life, I’m just going to say that before this sweater was getting swiped left like a windshield wiper and now I’m in a permanent flood plain. Also big ups on the unisex sizing, good to know I’m a medium man but if I wanted to just be a large woman Costco has my back.

Diane from KS - Finally, I needed one last GOAT gift for my kids Christmas gifts. I mean they have everything already, and didn’t even know what to ask for. This is the one gift beyond GUCCI that they will be Shook to get. I can’t wait to see the look on their face when they open the gift and see how Lit it is. This is no Basic Supreme brand. Their squad will be shook and might throw some shade when they realize the K is not just for the Boomers anymore. It is only for those who a Bougie $19. I can’t wait for every to see how Flex my kids are. Don’t be all Salty cause you don’t have a Costco membership and $19.

travesto from TX - Picked this up in the warehouse today. This thing drips street cred. Why pay hundreds of dollars for streetwear from supreme or others when you could rock this sick Kirkland Signature logo sweatshirt for only $19? Plus it's more exclusive than Yeezy or Supreme since how many 20 year old streetcore kids have Costco memberships? Thicker than I expected, but nice and warm to keep you cool as you're finna cop a sick style.


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