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Azure Standard Bulk Natural Food

I used a bulk natural food delivery service for the first time last week. It's called Azure Standard. I found them through doing an online search for how to buy organic flour in bulk, now that I'm consistently baking sourdough bread weekly.

I love their history and mission. The family behind the company were farmers that get caught up like most in the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the 50s and 60s and were wise enough to realize it wasn't good for their health or their soil's.

So they went back to growing food naturally and then selling that food directly to customers who too realized that natural food was healthier. They then added other foods by partnering with other farms and producers. Now they have quite an extensive catalog of offerings that encompass nearly every grocery category from dried goods to canned goods to even fresh and frozen items.

They have drop off spots nationally, I think. They have a $50 minimum order size otherwise there is a processing fee. And orders to certain states have a small $5 delivery fee.

Logistically, it is a bit of a different process. They have monthly scheduled deliveries. You need to get your order in by a cutoff date. Then there are community drop-off coordinators that organize the delivery. The items I ordered were on a truck along with everyone else's order in my community that got delivered to a nearby commercial parking lot. The coordinator and volunteers helped unload the truck and sort the items by name. Then you go to your pile of items and pick them up. That was it.

I am trying their organic whole wheat bread flour as well as their cracked 9-grain mix for my chickens as their scratch treat. They have an incredible variety of products but what I've found to be the best items at the best price are the items branded Azure Market Organics. They have a way to filter for just those products.

If you happen to be near one of their community drop off locations, I highly recommend you give Azure Standard a try. It puts you closer to forming a direct relationship with the growers and suppliers than any grocery store experience (in person or online) can provide.