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GoodRx Prescription Price Shopping

One of my pet peeves about healthcare is there is no way to comparison shop. You can't comparison shop for your medical plan, you can't comparison shop for your care, and up until now you couldn't comparison shop for your prescriptions.

How are we supposed to get healthcare costs back in line if we can't do the fundamental thing that keeps pricing in check - comparison shopping?

Well, thankfully a new company has done just that for prescriptions. It's called GoodRx. There website allows you to type in the prescriptions you need and search options in your local area and online for the best price. They also negotiate with pharmacists to offer coupons to save even more.

I have recent experience with this with my dog's prescriptions. Due to a lung condition, my 13-year old Maltese is on three different medicines. We've had a terrible time trying to get these filled affordably. 

Using one of his medications as an example, the first time we filled it, we used Walgreens for a 30-day subscription and it ended up costing $60. Talk about price gauging! Then we used the vet for the next refills and it's been costing $24 for a 90 day subscription. Much better, however, after learning about GoodRx, I decided to give it a try for this medication. 

I went to and typed in the name of the medicine and my zip code. There was no need to create a login or anything. It just started searching. What popped up as best was a 90-day subscription for $8.50 from Costco. Now how's that for savings!

I went to Costco, presented the coupon which they would have honored, but it turns out they were already going to charge me only $8.24 as a member. I didn't even need the coupon, but GoodRx still served its function by finding me the lowest price pharmacy for that prescription in the area. Thanks to GoodRx, I'm now saving a bunch of money going forward.

Be sure to give GoodRx a try on your next subscription. It could just be the start we all need to finally get healthcare costs under control.