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Costco Organic Hummus Cups

One of my favorite items at Costco are their Organic Hummus Cups. These things are so awesome, first because of the convenience. Ever since I've been trying to avoid dairy due to an allergy and eat more beans due to the health benefits, hummus has become a go-to item for me on a nearly daily basis. 

These cups allow me to eat more hummus without having to make it on my own. I don't have to drag out the food processor or stock specialized ingredients like tahini or worry about portioning it out myself. These single serving cups are the perfect amount for a meal or snack while keeping the rest of the cups sealed and fresh.

The second thing I like is the cost. You get twenty 2.5oz cups for $8.00. That's over 3 pounds of hummus! You can't even find bulk hummus at that price let alone the convenience of the individual portion sizes. The expiration date is about 10-12 weeks so there is plenty of time to eat them so long as you use at least 2 cups a week.

The last reason I love these is of course the taste. Hummus can be tricky to get right because it requires balancing the ratios of oil to acid to salt to seasonings to get the right flavor and the right consistency. The flavor and consistency of this hummus is spot on for pretty much any use whether that's spreading on bread or a pita, making a dip, or eating plain with some veggies.

If you have a Costco membership, be sure to give these a shot. No doubt you'll be eating a lot more hummus because of how convenient, affordable, and delicious this product is.