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Low Cost Website

I've experimented with a few different website programs in the search of getting the right balance of cost, functionality, and ease. For this website for now, I've settled on Google's Blogger. You can't beat the cost (free) and you can add a custom URL at no additional cost if you go through Google Domains to buy your URL. 

Google Domains only costs $12/year for the URL so that is all I am paying for this website. Pretty awesome, right? The other thing about Blogger being owned by Google is it is optimized for Google's other services. I have the site linked to Google Analytics to monitor traffic and find out how people are discovering me. I am also now eligible for Google AdSense to be able to post ads and potentially turn this into an income generating website.

There are a bunch of other website platforms out there. Sure they may offer better design options or plug ins for things like shopping carts, but they all cost significantly more including monthly charges and extra costs for adding a custom domain.

If you have a simple website in mind, Blogger could be a great option to keep costs minimal and begin to share whatever it is you want to share on the internet. I'll also share tips on how to extend the functionality of Blogger to add things like a shopping cart so you can test and grow your online business with minimal cost.