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Costco Kirkland Razor Fail

There's nothing better for a guy than a razor that cuts the way it should, and there's nothing worse than a razor that doesn't. The ultimate test for me is to let my facial hair grow for 3-4 days and see if the razor can handle it.

I was in the market for trying a new razor and saw that Costco had created a Kirkland version of a three blade razor. In true Costco fashion, it was a killer deal - 14 blades plus the high-end handle for $17. That is only $1.21 per blade making it way cheaper than other name brand three blade razors and making it truly part of the dollar shave club.

I had high hopes knowing that Kirkland is known for ensuring their brands are good quality. Well, they fell short on this one.

The first time I used it was my routine daily shave and it handled that just fine. But when I let my facial hair grow over the weekend and shaved Monday morning, it totally failed. I would pass over the hairs again and again and it just wouldn't cut them. It would pull hairs and leave patches of uncut hair. I actually couldn't finish the shave with the razor and had to switch to my old razor. That's when you know it's bad.

So save yourself the effort and skip these razors. For now, stick to name brands while I keep testing less expensive alternatives. Thankfully Costco has their forgiving return policy for non-electronic goods. These will definitely be going back.