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OXO Salad Spinner - 3-In-1 Must Have Kitchen Gadget

I love it when kitchen gadgets do what they're supposed to do well, but I love it even more when they can serve multiple purposes. This is particularly helpful for items that take up a lot of space, and bowls and strainers take up a lot of space. The OXO Salad Spinner is the perfect thing for this.

OXO Good Grips is a great brand in the kitchen. Their gadgets usually top the "best of" lists for multiple categories, and their salad spinner is no exception. It is a fantastic way to clean greens and other veggies from the garden. 

I put whatever I want washed in the strainer and put the strainer in the bowl. Then I fill with water and give the items a quick toss in the water for cleaning. Then I lift the strainer out of the water and dump the water out of the bowl. 

If the items then need a spin to extract more water (things like greens), then you put the strainer back in the bowl, add the lid, and give it a spin. The centrifugal force does a fantastic job at extruding any excess water. When you're done, you'll be amazed how much water collects in the outer bowl.

But this gadget is not just for spinning and cleaning greens and veggies. It can also serve two other purposes - mixing bowl and strainer. The outer bowl is perfect for tossing and mixing things like salads and sauerkraut. It does have a little raised point in the middle for spinning but I almost find that is an advantage because it keeps the dressings from settling into the center bottom of the bowl.

The inside strainer is also perfect for noodles and other purposes. Just set this in the sink and pour the cooked noodles right through it. The holes aren't as tight as a typical strainer so you'll need something finer for grains, but I have a mesh strainer for that anyway. But this is my go-to large strainer for things like pasta and veggies.

Here is a link to the OXO Salad Spinner on Amazon. Be sure to get one for your kitchen. You won't be disappointed.