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Free eBooks, Digital Magazines, and Streaming from Your Library

It's time to rediscover your local library. You may think they are becoming obsolete with the advent of streaming and ebooks, but you'd be wrong. They are very much with the times and are coming up with ways to capitalize on the latest technology to give you the content you want for FREE.

Instead of giving money to Amazon, Google, Apple, or Netflix for books, magazines, movies, music, and shows, check out if what you want is at your library. They usually have a way to search online and even check items out right from your computer or mobile phone. Then figure out what apps need to be used to access and enjoy all the free content.

My library here in Douglas County, Colorado uses OverDrive for ebooks and audiobooks, Flipster for magazines, Hoopla for movies, TV shows, and music, and also Kanopy for movies with a library that is six times larger than Netflix.

The other cool feature that my library offers is access to research products that normally cost quite a bit of money. For example, I can get full access to the Consumer Reports online database by logging in from the library's website. They also have access to free legal forms, investment research, business research, grants, academic research, and even ancestry research.

So do yourself a favor and get up to speed on what your local library is offering. You will likely be surprised, and you'll likely be able to save some money as well.