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Eric Cinnamond Palm Valley Capital

One of the investors I like to follow is Eric Cinnamond of Palm Valley Capital. He runs an absolute return fund that focuses on small cap stocks. Being an absolute return fund, he keeps a close eye on valuations and doesn't mind holding cash/treasuries if things are getting too expensive (like they are now). 

He also puts in a lot of work keeping up to date on hundreds of companies. This includes actually reading investor call transcripts and analyzing financials rigorously. His work ethic and style put him in a box of rare people that I would trust making investment decisions with my money that differ from owning the index.

But my favorite thing about Eric is his market commentary. He has a way of summarizing the current investment landscape like very few investors can. Case in point is his most recent commentary on the Federal Reserve. He likened it to "Daddy Ball" which is where a parent coach favors their own kid to play even though other kids are better skilled.

The graphic above sums it up so well. The Federal Reserve has benched its best players in favor of propping up the stock market. But just like little league teams that exhibit daddy ball, eventually it won't work. He reminds investors to STAY PATIENT! Wise advice given the current circumstances.

His fund, Palm Valley Capital, is relatively new (started in April 2019). It is structured as a mutual fund and as a result there are currently only a few ways to invest. You need to have an account with either TD Ameritrade or Vanguard to be able to allocate funds to the Palm Valley mutual fund with symbol PVCMX. Both are great platforms to open investment accounts so look to choose one of these if you, like me, want to allocate funds to Eric and the Palm Valley Capital team to manage.