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My Pilates and Yoga Routine (Day 7 Rest Day)

Previously, I have shown you the exercises I do every Monday/Thursday, every Tuesday/Friday, and every Wednesday/Saturday. So that leaves Sunday - rest day.

My go to exercise on this day is to use the self massage devices to relieve any pain points and muscle strain. I start with TriggerPoint brand hard foam roller made with a firm plastic core and only a little bit of padding on the outside. With this, I massage my lower back, glutes, hips, and upper legs.

Then I get a rubber lacrosse ball and massage the bottom of my feet. Lastly, I put the massage ball against a wall and massage my shoulders, upper arms, neck, and pecs. This helps me stay limber and loose in all the areas that tend to get tight during the week.

One key tip I learned from one of my physical therapists is in regards to knots and sore spots. The best thing to do is to hold the roller or lacrosse ball on that exact spot and press into it. At first, it will get more painful but then after 30 seconds the pain will get more intense. :)

And then after 30 more seconds the pain will start to ease and then after 30 more seconds the pain should go away to the point that you could have someone push you into the ball or roller and it wouldn't hurt. Then you know you've worked out the spot.