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My Pilates and Yoga Routine (Day 3 of 3)

This is day three of a routine I created and practice to keep my core strong and my muscles stretched and limber. This routine I do every Wednesday and Saturday and it focuses on stretching my muscles using familiar yoga poses. I also like to do this routine before any outdoor activity as I find it to be a great stretch routine to avoid injury.

Day 3 Routine
  • Arms Stretch Routine
    • Shoulder circles
    • Neck Roll
    • Arm circles with arms straight out to the side
    • Tricep overhead stretch
    • Pitchers stretch
    • Arms straight behind back stretch with fingers interlocked
    • Arms bent behind back stretch to pull shoulders back
    • Scapular stretch using your arms on a wall in a push up position and rocking your shoulders forward then pinching them back.
    • Arms across your stomach at 90 degree bend. Rotate out to the side and then back across your stomach.
    • Goal post arms with your out to your side. One hand goes up while the other hand goes down.
    • Arm lift out in front of you. Set the scapula at the top. Do palms up and palms down.
    • Arm lift out to the side. Thumbs up and thumbs down.
    • Kettlebell lift motion along your stomach line from your belt to your ribs. It's just the motion. You don't need an actual kettlebell.
    • Bear hug like your hugging a really round ball and then finishing with straight arms and pinched shoulders like an upright fly.
  • Forward bend to lightening pose. Hold each position for 20-30 seconds and repeat two times.
  • Yoga poses using one leg in front. Repeat with other leg.
    • Thigh stretch superman pose
    • Leg straight superman pose
    • Warrior pose
    • Half moon pose
    • Runners pose
    • Prayer pose in kneeling runners pose. This is a twist where your elbow of one arm rests on top of your knee of the opposite leg.
    • Kneeling hamstring stretch pose. Straighten one leg while kneeling on the other and try to grab your toes.
    • Kneeling half moon pose. Stay in the hamstring stretch pose but put your hand on the floor as the same leg that is kneeling and stretch the opposite arm straight up to the sky creating a twist stretch.
    • Kneeling figure four pose. While kneeling cross one leg in front. Then sit back on your heels until you feel a stretch in the glutes.