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Channa Masala and Brown Rice from Costco

One of my favorite meals from Costco is their Channa Masala and Brown Rice. Channa Masala are gabanzo beans smothered in a traditional masala sauce that most people are familiar with from the popular chicken Indian dish Tikka Masala. 

Both items come prepackaged in shelf stable packaging and can be warmed in a microwave - 90 seconds for the rice and 60 seconds for the Channa Masala. 

The best part though is the price. The Brown Rice is only $7.69 for 6 rice bowls and the Channa Masala is $15.49 for 8 pouches. So a meal costs $3.23 which is pretty low for such a delicious and satisfying meal. One of these days, I'll attempt to create my own Channa Masala which will significantly reduce the cost of this meal. Still you can't beat having this ready to go in 3 minutes or less at home or at work.