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Why Beans?

As you can tell, beans serve an important part of the my diet. The reasons are:
  • Beans are incredibly cheap.
  • Bean are really easy to store and keep a long time.
  • When paired with grains, beans form a complete protein. The combo can provide a majority of the macro nutrients that we need to survive.
  • Beans are super versatile. You can keep them whole, you can mash them, puree them, grill them (tofu), even bake with them. 
  • Beans can be used across different flavors and styles. Every cuisine seems to have a different way to feature them.
  • Beans are great for the soil. They are one of the few plants that actually adds nitrogen to the soil versus depleting it. This makes it a great plant to improve poor soils or before planting intensive vegetables that require a lot of nitrogen.
  • Beans are linked to longevity. Blue Zones' Dan Buettner has studied pockets of people across the globe known to live the longest. One of the things they all have in common is a primarily vegetarian diet heavy in beans.
So follow what the longest people on earth do and eat more beans. Your health and your pocket book will be glad you did.