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Peasant As Inspiration

The simple and lowly Peasant should serve as inspiration for all of us.  Peasants relied on the resources around them, their own talents and productive means, and their own ingenuity and collaboration to create nutritious foods and modes of living that led to our species’ survival.

The Peasant also lived in a way that was in balance with the earth’s resources. They were aware of Nature’s delicate system and how they fit into it. They did not try to dominate Nature but instead learned how to work within it and improve upon it.

Technology and human invention came around and we quickly learned how to use our newfound power to dominate Nature. This had the ability to bring material benefits to society lifting billions out of poverty and subsistence living. Yet we are beginning to learn of the repercussions of our dominance over Nature and the fragility of the civilization we have created.

We now must relearn and re-incorporate the Peasant mentality to recreate balance both environmentally and economically. We need to be aware of our fair share of the earth’s resources and strive to live within that. We need to forgo the endless pursuit of wealth and material accumulation and live for something nobler than monetary gain.