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My Favorite Investment Podcasts

I have become a big fan of podcasts. Unlike watching TV or reading something, you can just listen in while doing other things whether that be commuting, exercising, doing chores, etc. Very convenient way to learn new things and perspectives.

Here is my playlist of routine investment podcasts. Some of these require a level of knowledge and interest in the financial markets, but if you want to become a better investor, it would help to start listening to a few of these. I listen to each of these every week. That is how valuable I find them personally.
  1. We Study Billionaires by The Investor's Podcast - this is a long running podcast hosted by Preston Pysh and Stig Proderson. Both are very smart younger investors with a strong fundamental value investing knowledge. They offer some fantastic education, interviews, and perspectives on the markets. 
  2. Money For The Rest Of Us - this is another long running podcast hosted by David Epstein, someone who is clearly passionate about spreading financial insights and know-how. He also covers all things money, not just investing. This is a good podcast for beginner's but always has relevant and insightful information.
  3. Stansberry Investor Hour - this podcast changed formats and host a couple years ago. Value investor Dan Ferris now hosts it and does a really great job. He too brings great personal insight and perspective but also lands some very intelligent guests. Some of them even extend beyond financing to broaden the listeners horizons beyond strictly the financial markets.
  4. Grant's Current Yield Podcast - this podcast is hosted by a finance legend, Jim Grant. He is an incredibly witty writer that brings a wealth of historical knowledge and perspective to investing, particularly around the subject of interest rates and how they influence markets. He brings on all sorts of financial specialists, and he and his team have engaging and thought provoking discussions with them. The subjects can require a higher level of financial acumen but the conversation and delivery is entertaining for anyone.
  5. Macro Voices - this podcast is hosted by Erik Townsend who has a strong network of recurring financial experts that bring really deep insight into the investing and the markets. Erik assumes every investor is an experienced investor so he and his guests don't dummy down anything. They keep it at a deep level and you learn valuable insights to take your investing to the next level. I really appreciate this perspective and it is why this is my personal favorite podcast on this list. But it does take someone knowledgeable and passionate about investing to stay engaged.
Note that all of these have financial services that they sell. Be sure to do a lot of research behind each of them before jumping into any subscriptions. I'd recommend just sticking to the free podcasts and saving your money for actually investing.