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Top Ten Reasons To Go Vegan

  1. It is much less expensive to be vegan, and the main staples like grains and beans can store really well.
  2. Vegan meals are often easier to cook and have fewer risks of bad bacteria like salmonella or E. coli. 
  3. You can actually get all the protein and macro nutrients you need without meat. Plus you get a lot more beneficial micro nutrients.
  4. A vegan diet has been known to lower cholesterol, help lose weight, and reduce the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes. You may also discover like I did that your body could be having negative reactions to meat and dairy products.
  5. The longest living people in the world have a largely vegan, plant based diet. You might become one of them.
  6. A vegan diet is more sustainable because it is significantly less intensive on the earth. Livestock from pasture to table take a massive amount of land, water, processing resources, and carbon emissions to produce.
  7. It is a lot easier to grow your own food if you are vegan which leads to lower living costs and greater food security. 
  8. Your cooking waste is more easily compostable reducing landfill waste.
  9. You can start out slow by going vegan for one meal a week or one day a week, or you can keep a few items you enjoy like eggs or bacon particularly if used as a flavoring or side dish instead of the main course.
  10. It doesn't have to be all or none. You can have the occasional meat or dairy treat and you'll enjoy it that much more when you do.
Here are a few key resources that inspired me to go 90% vegan. That 10% is because I enjoy my backyard chicken eggs, flavoring in sauces (like Worcestershire), bacon or sausage in beans (although some soy substitutes aren't too bad), sustainably produced fish, and an approx. once a month special meal. 
  • Dan Barber Third Plate book about the changing dietary habits of humans over time.
  • Dan Buettner Blue Zones about his extensive research on the longest living human populations.
  • The Game Changers documentary about the misconceptions of a meat based high protein diet for athletes.
  • Medically reviewed Medical News Today article on the health benefits of going vegan.