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Personal Freedom vs Living Costs

We are brought up thinking that money can buy happiness, but freedom of time is what really leads to happiness. Yes, having money can give you the ability to choose how you spend your time, but this has more to do with your cost of living than it has to do with how much you make.

If you can reduce your cost of living to the point that you are living substantially within your means, can stay as debt free as possible, can build savings and wealth, and can find ways to earn money that either doesn't require your time (like residual income) or is time you would be spending doing what you love to do anyway, then that will lead to true security, personal freedom, and happiness.

Think of it kind of like a business. In business, you want to generate profits and invest those profits to build more profits. Here you want to generate time savings and invest that time to generate even more time savings. To generate that savings, you need to first consume less than you produce, then slowly reduce the time it takes for you to produce. It's that simple.

Whether you are starting with a large living cost and want to find ways to trim down your expenses or you are starting with a small living cost already and are looking for ways to add value without adding expenses, this website will provide you with ideas, tips, and tricks to live a richer and happier life with less money required.

The ideas are grouped by categories:
  1. Eating - these are ideas on ways to make quick, nutritious meals that can also save a lot of money.
  2. Gardening - ideas for growing and raising your own food.
  3. Shopping - ways to save money on bills and expenses and also suggestions on products and services.
  4. Career - ways to be happier and smarter about the way you make money including education and learning.
  5. Health - ways to improve your health and wellness while keeping costs in mind.
  6. Financial - ideas on ways to save and invest to grow your wealth.
  7. Political - thoughts on how our current political system may be keeping us from achieving our goals and ideas on how to improve that.
Browse ideas in any of these categories and be sure to share your own ideas and suggestions for living a simpler, lower cost life in the comments section of any of the posts.

Thank you