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Don't Need Much Energy

I just watched Michael Moore's new documentary Planet of the Humans (play the move above for free through YouTube). He actually isn't in this movie. It was written and directed by Jeff Gibbs, and Michael Moore was the executive producer and promoter. 

Some really interesting stuff. First it shows Michael isn't just out to get the GOP. He's going to shine a light on anything that should be questioned whether from the right or the left. Even still, the infamous Koch Brothers can't help but get involved in the green energy profit machine.

Second, it highlights how the renewable energy movement isn't as green as it is marketed to be. I knew about the solar and wind intermittent power issues and the fact that building out a renewable energy infrastructure requires massive amounts of environmental resources, chemicals, and mining.

What was new to me was the part about biomass power plants. I had no idea there were so many plants already in the U.S. thanks to government grant money. And that we are deforesting on such a massive global scale (not just Brazil) to create biomass power considered to be "renewable" in an effort to come off coal. It's not renewable if it destroys ecosystems that take centuries to build.

Reminds me of Easter Island whose inhabitants used up all the island's resources to create large sculptures and in so doing stripped the island of its entire life supporting ecosystem which lead to the extinction of the inhabitants. Now humans are doing the same thing but on a global scale just so we can continue our consumption worshiping.

You can't solve an energy crisis with more energy just like you can't solve a debt crisis with more debt or a flood with more water. We have to find balance with the environment as a species. And it starts with individuals changing their habits to reduce personal consumption including energy.